Srb, 27.07.2001.

The speech delivered by the Former President of the Republic of Croatia and honorary president of the League of Anti-fascist fighters and Antifascist, Mr. Stjepan Mesić in Srb on the occasion of marking the 70th anniversary of the Uprising in Croatia.


Ladies and Gentlemen, 


Dear friends, 




Zagreb, 26.06.2011.

Former President's message to the participants of the sunday's gathering at the site of the former Ustasha concentration camp in Jadovno.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Dear friends,


Comrades,As I am unable to attend this year's gathering personally, which honor the victims of one of the first Ustasha scaffolds, Jadovno, I am addressing You in this way – not only as honorary President of the League of anti-fascist fighters and anti-fascists, but also as the former Croatian President.


Lukovo, 22.06.2011.

Speech by former President, held on 22 June 2011. in Lukovo, Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, on the occasion of commemorating the Day of Antifascist Struggle and the 70-anniversary of the founding of the first partisan camp on Mt. Visevica.


Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear friends,

Zagreb, 10.06.2011.

Statement by former President of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Stjepan Mesic on the occasion of the conclusion of Croatia's EU saccession negotiations.


          European Commission statement, although expected, is a very good news that I sincerely welcome. The conclusion of accession negotiations is a key step for candidate countries on their path towards the full membership in the EU. 


Kumrovec, 28.05.2011.

Former president's speech at traditional celebration of the Youth Day in Kumrovec.


Conference in Kumrovec, 28. May, 2011.




Ladies and Gentlemen,


Dear friends from  Croatia and the countries of the region,




Opatija, 04 March, 2011.

Speech by former President Mesić at Days of Antifascism in Opatija


When I was leaving my Presidential post just about a year ago, I never thought that I would be in a position where I must – together with you – defend antifascism in a country whose Constitution states that it is built on foundations of antifascism. Still – we arrived precisely at this point.


And this is why I am here today.


Zagreb, 26 November, 2010.

Speech by former President Mesić on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the formation of the first multiparty Parliament given at the Faculty of Political Science






Ladies and gentlemen,


                   Esteemed participants of this event,